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The housing of our Australian series power board is made from highly anti-flaming PC/ABS materials. This engineering material contains a wealth of oxygen isolated factors which will decompose rapidly when meeting open fire, thereby isolating oxygen and preventing combustion. In addition, such materials come with superior resistance to impact, pressure and moisture.

Unique lightening protection circuit modules can guard the European power strip against the damage of surge caused by lightening or voltage change, making it away from many potential safety risks. The European power strip is completely manufactured from high quality and environment friendly materials.

This UK socket will keep you completely away from danger of electric shock in that when your body touches the electricity, the earthing status will be unusual, and the power will be thereby cut soon within 25 microseconds. Our British power strip is provided with excellent surge protector that will protect all working electric equipments from being damaged by surge or thunder stroke.

The US power strip features special lightening and surge protection modules which can effectively prevent against thunder stroke and eliminate surge current. Due to this function, it is perfect for a large amount of electronic equipment such as computer, network device, communication device, Hi Fi, power supply, etc.

CHINAVAST has developed all kinds of universal power strip according to international standards. This travel power board comes with compact structure, convenient for using. One type can be used for multiple purposes, meeting traveler’s requirements for power utilization in other countries. These electric appliances need to be charged by a universal power board or travel power adapter in other countries.