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Universal Power Board

    1. Universal Power Strip

      Available with 3, 4 or 5 outlets, the universal power strip offered here is able to adapt to any power plug. Its housing, made of PC and ABS, is black, white, or other customized color.

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Today, along with the rapid development of international trade, more and more people start traveling abroad for business affairs, taking with increasing electric devices such as DV, DC, mobile phone, GPS, charger, etc. These electric appliances need to be charged by a universal power board or travel power adapter in other countries.

CHINAVAST has developed all kinds of universal power strip according to international standards. This travel power board comes with compact structure, convenient for using. One type can be used for multiple purposes, meeting traveler's requirements for power utilization in other countries.

Our universal power board combines numerous standards including Chinese standard, Italian standard, Swiss standard, British standard, American standard, and German standard, suitable for use in various countries such as China, Thailand, India, Russia, UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, etc.