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Universal Surge Protected Power Board

  • CV-SF410
  • CV-SF410-U
  • CV-SF410
  • CV-SF410 Pink
  • CV-SF410 Green
  • CV-SF410 Yellow
  • CV-SF410 Black
  • CV-SF510
  • CV-SF510-U
  • CV-SF610
  • CV-SF610-U

Models: SP410, SP410-U/SP510, SP510-U/SP610, SP610-U (4/5/6 outlet universal power socket with individual switch; the model with 2.1A USB charger is available; U means USB)

Specifications of Universal Surge Protected Power Board
Power Plug/Cable: universal (cable length is optional as per customer demands)
Safety Shutter: Yes
Outlets: 4/5/6 way universal outlets
Surge Protector: MOV surge protector
Indicator Light: Yes
USB Port: 2.1A
Package: Color box
Housing Plastic Materials: PC+ABS
Housing Color: White/black (the color can be customized)

Technical Parameters of Universal Surge Protected Power Board
Electrical Rating: AC 250V/10A/2500W
Power Cable: 0.75mm2 × 3C, L=1.5m
Overload Re-settable Circuit Breaker: 10A
AC Circuit Joules Rating (Total): 175J
Max. Spike Current (Total): 6,000 A
MOV Clamping Voltage: 775V
Surge Response Time: 1ns
Response time: 0.001us

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