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Universal Plug Adapter

The universal plug adapter manufactured by CHINAVAST is suitable for all travel and home electrical appliances such as mobile phone chargers, notebook computers, digital cameras, hairdryers, shavers, and other electronic products. This travel adapter can be used in various countries and regions shown as follows.

  • Africa, Hong Kong,
    Ireland, Malaysia, UK,
    Singapore, Brunei
  • Africa, Europe, France,
    Germany, Greece, Korea,
    Russia, Switzerland,
    U.A.E, Thailand,
  • Australia, Argentina,
    China, Fiji, New Zealand,
    Papua, new Cuinea
  • USA, China, Canada,
    Caribbean, Japan, North
    and South America,
    Philippines, Taiwan,

Specifications of Universal Plug Adapter
Electrical Rating: AC 10A/250V, 2500Watts
Surge Protection Indicator: Red
Surge Energy Joule Rating: 175J
Max. Spike Current: 6,000A
Color: white/black (the color can be customized)

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