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US Power Strip

    1. 10 Way Surge Protector Power Board

      Our 10 way surge protector power board comes with an overload switch. When the current through the powerboard is over 15A, the switch will automatically close for protecting your ...

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    1. 6 Way Surge Protected Power Board

      This 6 outlet power strip can protect your valuable electric devices against harmful power fluctuations and secure your everyday power utilization. Our 6 way surge protected power board is perfect ...

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    1. Wall Mount Power Strip

      CHINAVAST offers a type of wall mount power strip which is designed with 2 outlets and 2 port USB charger (DC 5V 2.5A or 3.1A). This wall socket features compact and light weight design. Indicator light can indicates ...

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Our US power strip is manufactured in compliance with American standard. It is suitable for 2 flat pin plugs and ideal for use in USA, Canada, Mexico, etc. This US series power bar is originally developed by CHINAVAST adopting advanced lightening protection technology introduced from U.S.

Based on the requirement of IEC, this American socket is committed to providing more secured and eco-friendly use environment of electricity for market and users. CHINAVAST is a specialist manufacturer of US power strip. We have obtained the certificates of ISO9001, UL&ETL, VDE, PSE/JET, etc.

Product Features of US Power Strip
1. Overload Protection Switch

This American power board comes with a high quality overload protection switch which can rapidly cut off power at overload current, thus eliminating safety risks and protecting your family and property safety.

Overload current is quite dangerous. It can not only damage your electric equipment but also result in fire hazard. Using our US power strip with overload protection switch, you stay away from such dangers. After overload fault is removed, the extension block can immediately return to normal as long as you press the switch.

2. Surge Protection
The US power strip features special lightening and surge protection modules which can effectively prevent against thunder stroke and eliminate surge current. Due to this function, it is perfect for a large amount of electronic equipment such as computer, network device, communication device, Hi Fi, power supply, etc.

3. Switch Indicator Light
The switch of our US power strip has a built in indicator light that can show the right switch position, hence avoiding fault switching. In addition, the switch is made by high elasticity opening and closing technology, and offers perfect touch feeling. It boasts long service life and can normally open and close for 50,000 times.

4. Fire Proof Housing
CHINAVAST US type power strip features high quality and robust structure. Inside and outside PC/ABS is fire proof and heat resistant. Specifically, such material can not burn at a temperature of 750℃. Its distortion temperature can reach 100℃.

5. Independent Frame Structure
This type of power strip is characterized by independent frame structure which can maintain great elasticity of the cooper sheet (>5000 times plug and pull out) and suppress the generation of arc. Internal electrical connecting piece is a high quality alloy cooper sheet which comes with superb conductivity and flexibility. In long time full load work, it has no obvious temperature rise.