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10 Way US Standard Master/Slave Power Strip

The 10 way US standard master slave power strip is an intelligent power socket with 10 surge protection outlets and a 2-port USB charger. Master slave outlet arrangement can effectively save power. In addition, overall surge protection can protect your valuable appliances from damage.

Product Features
1. The surge protection and grounding status of this master slave power strip can be clearly indicated by the red and green LED indicators.
2. This electric socket has a master and slave outlet arrangement. The master outlet will control the power on and off of the slave outlets.
3. Using our 10 way US standard master slave power strip, standby power waste can be greatly reduced.
4. Two always-on outlets are designed for continuously providing power for your electrical equipment without using switch.
5. Resettable overload circuit breaker can protect your expensive appliances from damage by overload current.
6. A USB charger with 2 ports can be used for charging various electric devices. Electrical rating of the USB charger is DC 5V 2.5A or 3.1A.

Technical Parameters of 10Way US Standard Master Slave Power Strip
Model TQ1060-U
Total Surge Protection Outlets 10
Always On Outlets 2
Electrical Rating AC 15A/125V, 1875Watts
Surge Protection Indicator Color Red
Grounding Indicator Color Green
Surge Energy Joule Rating 238~1190J
Max. Spike Current 10,000A~50,000A
Product Size 350×127.4×32.9mm
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