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British Power Strip

Our British power strip is a block of electrical sockets manufactured according to the UK standards. It is suitable for three-pin square-head angle plugs and ideal for usage in many countries and regions such UK, India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Since its establishment, CHINAVAST has been always dedicated to providing more secured and professional electro-technical products and services. Through persistent technology innovation and market development, we have obtained great popularity in the industry and offered OEM services to numerous well renowned enterprises.

CHINAVAST holds a global ISO9001 registration for its operation and quality management. In addition, we have also obtained a large variety of certificates and patents. In the future, we will implement mutual effort with our partners to offer safe and energy-saving electro-technical products and services by means of more positive and actual strategy.

Protection Functions of British Power Strip
1. Leakage Protection
This UK socket will keep you completely away from danger of electric shock in that when your body touches the electricity, the earthing status will be unusual, and the power will be thereby cut soon within 25 microseconds.
2. Surge Protection
Our British power strip is provided with excellent surge protector that will protect all working electric equipments from being damaged by surge or thunder stroke.
3. Over-Current Protection
The power extension board features over-current protection function which will guard your electric equipment against damage by surge and heavy current in circuit.
4. Short Circuit Protection
Short circuit protection function will protect devices connected to the British type extension socket from being damaged by short circuit current. Power will be cut within 25 microseconds when the circuit is short.
5. Over-voltage Protection
Our British power strip also comes with over-voltage protection function that will keep your devices safe when the external voltage exceeds standard level.
6. Under-voltage Protection
Apart from over-voltage protection, this smart power strip can also protect your electric equipments when external voltage is under standard level.

Energy Saving Performance of British Power Strip
1. Timing Component
The British type power board is designed with a timing component which can make any power off in 24 hours and features easy operation, thus saving enormous energy.

2. Time-Delay Standby Power-off Module
The module can turn power off automatically when the appliances have been closed down or in standby mode. It can save electricity.

Product Characteristics of British Power Strip
1. Built-in zero power dissipation magnetism disconnecting mechanism and connection protection module make this 3 pin socket safe without delay.
2. The control part is equipped with silver alloy contact which ensures high safety and reliability as well as excellent electronic conductivity.
3. Housing is manufactured from fire-retardant ABS material (94UL V-0), and inside material is heat resisting PA46 (300°C).
4. All copper components of our British power strip are made of 0.7mm thickness phosphor copper which comes with high metal memory and can be plugged at least 8000 times (Normal standard is 5000 times).
5. One-button intelligent test function can test protection function to avoid malfunction.
6. The British power strip is available in a digital equipment USB charger (optional) which can provide DC 5V, 1A or 5V, 2.1A power for all kinds of products through USB connection. It can also charge apple devices such as ipad, ipod and iphone.
7. Neoteric cable fixture is designed on the side of power strip for fixing cables of electric equipment and making them in order.