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8-Way Power Board with Rj11/Rj45 Port

CHINAVAST 8-way power board with Rj11/Rj45 Port offers 8 outlets, Rj11 and Rj45 ports as well as optional USB charger, all filtered and surge protected. This 8 outlet extension block features robust structure, excellent energy efficiency and great protection. It comes with Rj11 and Rj45 ports for telephone, TV and network line connection.

1. 8 Outlets;
2. Rj11 and Rj45 ports;
3. 2-port USB charger (optional);
4. Surge and overload protection;
5. Overload switch;
6. PC+ABS fireproof material

Specifications of 8-Way Power Board with Rj11/Rj45 Port
Model CV-TC880-LEFTU
Total Surge Protection Outlets 8
Always On Outlets 5
Electrical Rating 10A/250V, 2500Watts
Surge Protected Indicator Red
Ground Indictor Green
Power on Indicator Red
Surge Energy Joule Rating 1050J
Max. Spike Current 6000A
Max. Spike Voltage 6KV
Color White/Black
Package Color Box or Blister Plastic
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