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4-Way Extension Socket with Surge Protection

CHINAVAST 4-way extension socket with surge protection delivers superior protection to your electric devices. The4 outlet power strip is equipped with a 10-amp circuit breaker to instantly react to catastrophic events and overloads, providing the maximum protection.

1. 4 Outlets with surge protection;
2. ABS+PC fireproof materials;
3. Overload protection;
4. Grow wire up to 750degree;
5. Electrical Rating: 10A/230V, 2500W;
6. Surge Energy : 175J ~ 525J;
7. Max. Spike Current: 6,000A ~ 18,000A

Product Details of 4-Way Extension Socket with Surge Protection
Suitable for General Electronics (yes/no) Yes
Suitable for Computer (yes/no) Yes
Suitable for Audio/Video/Hi-Fi (yes/no) Yes
Case Shape Square
Housing Material PC/ABS
Color (pantone) Black/White
Packing Color box
Max. Current 13A
Max. Voltage 230V
Max. Power 2500W
Nominal Voltage 230~240V
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz
Re-settable Circuit Breaker 10A
Fuse 10A
ON/OFF Switch Lighted, 1 pole
Plug Type French/German/3-prong
Cord Length 1.5m
Cord diameter 1.5mm/1.0mm
Cord Color (Pantone) Black/White/Grey
Outlet Type German/3prong
Total Number 4
AC Adapter Outlets 2pcs
Children Safety Protection (Yes/No) Yes
Color-Coded, Labels Red
Number of Rows 2
Energy Dissipation (Joules) 157J/ 350J/ 1050 J
Surge Absorber MOV, 4 pcs (14D471K×2; 20D471K×2)
Clamping Voltage 775V
Maximum Surge Voltage 6000V
Maximum Spike Current 18000 A
Response Time 1ns
Noise Filtration (EMI/RFI) 150KHz~100MHz
Capacitor Type Y
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