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8-Way Multi-functional Power Board

1. Surge Protection LED Indicator

The 8-way multi-functional power board is designed with a red LED indicator light which can show the surge protection status of this 8 outlet power strip. When it is on, the surge protection can be indicated to be normally well.

2. Grounding LED Indicator
The 8 way power board also boasts a green LED indicator light, showing that the building wiring is properly grounded when it is lighted.

3. Master Outlet with Switch
Our 8-way multi-functional power board offers a switch controlled master outlet to control the power-on or off of the slave outlets, i.e. energy saving outlets or green power outlets.

4. Always-on Outlets with Switch
2 Always-on outlets are typically designed on the smart power strip for providing lasting power for electric devices connected to them.

5. External IR Remote Control Connector
The 8-way multi-functional power board is available with an external IR remote control connector for achieving intelligent remote control.

6. IR Receiver
The IR receiver is designed for receiving IR signal, thus providing control for power on.

7. Phone Line (Rj11) and Network Line (Rj45) Protection
This extension board offers combo phone (Rj11) and network (Rj45) jacks which provide protection against surges on either phone or network lines.

8. TV Line Protection (Rj11)
The TV line port (Rj11) features surge protection.

10. Dss/Coax Connector for Surge Protection
Our 8-way multi-functional power board comes with Dss/coax connector which is surged protected.

11. 2-port 2A USB Charger (2.1A Available)
2-port 2A USB charger is designed for charging all kinds of electric equipment through USB connection such as iphone,ipad, ipod, etc. 2.1A USB charger is optional.

Technical Parameters of 6-Way Multi-functional Power Board
Model CV-RC880-LEFTU
Total Surge Protected Outlet 8
Master Outlet 1
Energy Saving Outlet 5
Always On Outlet 2
Electrical Rating 13A/250V, 3250Watts
Remote Control Yes
Smart Surge Activation/ Surge Protection Switch Yes
Surge Protection Indicator Red
Grounding Indicator Green
Surge Energy Dissipation 1,050J
Max. Spike Current 60,000A
Max. Spike Voltage 6KV
Noise Filter (EMI/RFI) Up to 75 dB from 150KHz to 100MHz
Jack Type(TV/Fax/Modem Filter) Rj11 / 6P2C(1-IN /1-OUT)
Energy 350J
Line Protection 1 line
Jack type(Network Line Protection) Rj11 / Rj45-8P8C(1-IN/1-OUT) Combo
Communication Speed 10 / 100 Base-T(Cat.5)
Surge Arrestor Gas Tube
Breakdown Volts <75V
Insertion Loss <0.1dB
Line Protection 2-line (4 pcs-Gold Plated)
TV Cable Protection Gas Tube
USB Charge port 2-port 5V 1000mA
Accessory (optional) TEL line×1, cat.5 cable×1
Coax cable×1, TV cable×1
Color White / Black /Grey
Package Color Box or Blister Plastic
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