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European Power Strip

CHINAVAST European power strip is specially manufactured according to European standard. This extension board is suitable for 2 pin round power plugs and ideal for use in numerous countries such as Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, etc.

The housing of our European power strip is made from highly anti-flaming PC/ABS materials. This engineering material is rich in oxygen isolated factors which will decompose rapidly when meeting open fire and thereby isolate oxygen and prevent combustion. In addition, such housing of the European socket comes with superior resistance to impact, pressure and moisture.

The cooper sheet in the European power strip is made from high quality phosphor copper which provides excellent hardness, great elasticity and outstanding conductivity. When power's on, its temperature rarely rises. The thickness of the copper sheet is 0.5mm. Without exception, this type of power board employs full copper wire. If required, it can be customized.

Features of European Power Strip
1. Intelligent Protection

The European extension socket has perfect resistance to the impact by extremely heavy current when connected devices start. It can eliminate such large current surge. And it can effectively suppress instantaneous current, over-voltage, over-current, higher harmonic, etc., thus improving quality and efficient use of electricity.

2. High Energy Efficiency
When your TV, HI FI or other devices are in standby mode, our European power strip will automatically turn the power off. It can also automatically turn power on when you open your TV by remote controller. Therefore, this electrical socket can efficiently reduce standby power waste.

3. Surge Protection
Unique lightening protection circuit modules can guard the European power strip against the damage of surge caused by lightening or voltage change, making it away from many potential safety risks.

4. Eco-Friendly and High Quality Materials
The European power strip is completely manufactured from high quality and environment friendly materials. To be specific, the intelligent control chip and components are all made from imported premium materials, and the housing is made from highly anti-flaming and high temperature resistant PC/ABS materials.

5. Circuit Breaker for Overload Protection
CHINAVAST European power strip is provided with an overload circuit breaker designed for protecting your household appliances against damage by over voltage or current.

6. Electric Shock Protection
The smart power strip comes with blocking shutters at the jacks which can protect your children from being electrically shocked when they touch the socket in playing.