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AU Master Slave Power Board

  • CV-TC650-LEU
  • CV-TC850-TEU with silkscreen
  • CV-TC850-LEFTU

These master slave power boards shown above are different in the number of outlets but same in functions.

Product Description
The AU master slave power board manufactured by CHINAVAST is a specially designed to reduce both stand-by power waste and energy cost. This Australian socket boasts 6 or 8 surge protected outlets to power and help guard your precious electronic equipment against damage.

Additional F-type surge protection is embodied for your telephone and internet line as well as TV and cable connections. In addition, this master/slave power strip is provided with a 2.1A 2-port USB charger.

Product Features

1. The extension block comes with a grounded LED indicator. When this green LED indicator light is on, the building wiring will be indicated to be properly grounded.
2. It is also designed with a red surge protection LED indicator which indicates that the surge protection of the strip is working well when lighted.
3. The Australian standard master slave power board is provided with a master outlet and several slave outlets. The master outlet will control power on and off of the slave outlets; the slave outlets, also called green power outlets, turn on and off automatically according to master outlet's command.
4. The smart power strip offers always-on outlets which are un-switched, providing continuous power for the device connected to it.

Major Intelligent Functions
1. Eliminating Stand-by Power Waste

The AU master slave power board will turn off automatically when PC is shut down or in standby mode. Additionally, when the electric equipment connected to it has turned to standby mode, the power consumption will be zero, saving 10%-30% more power than normal.

2. Intelligent Protection
This 8 way power board has excellent intelligent surge protection functions. It can suppress instantaneous current, over-voltage, higher harmonics, thus showing strong anti-jamming ability, stable performance and long service life.

3. Avoiding Electromagnetic Radiation
Generally, the electric equipment will generate electromagnetic radiation when they are in standby mode. That is harm for people. Our AU master slave power board can turn off the standby current completely, thus avoiding harmful electromagnetic radiation.

4. Lightening Protection
Special lightning protection circuit is designed in the power strip to prevent against the damage of surge current or voltage caused by lightening stroke.

Technical Parameters of AU Master Slave Power Board
Electrical Rating 10A/240V, 2400 Watts
Nominal Voltage 240V, 50/60Hz
Re-settable Circuit Breaker 10A
Energy Dissipation 1050 J ~ 3850 J
MOV Clamping Voltage 775V
Maximum Spike Current 6000A~18000A
Surge Protection Response Time 1ns
Noise Filter (EMI/RFI) 150KHz~100MHz
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