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AU Remote Control Power Board

  • CV-RC650-LEFTU
  • CV-RC850-LEFTU
  • CV-RC850-LEFT

Product Description
Our AU remote control power board is a 6 way power strip with infrared wireless remote control function. It is specially provided with 2.1A USB charger, telephone, network and television ports as well as F-type port which are all surge protected. This remote control power strip is made from PC/ABS materials, and meets SAA and RoHS standards.

Product Features

1. Grounding LED Indicator
The AU remote control power board supplied by CHINAVAST comes with a green LED indicator light which indicates that the building wiring is properly grounded when lighted.

2. Surge Protection LED Indicator
The remote control socket is also designed with a red LED indicator. When lit, it indicates that surge protection or lightening protection is working well.

3. IR Power LED Indicator
When the red LED indicator on the IR receiver is lighted, it indicates that the AU remote control power board has received IR signal.

4. Master and Slave Outlets
The master outlet will control power on/off of the slave outlets; the slave outlets, i.e. green power outlets turns on/off automatically according to master outlet’s command.

When the power of device connected to the master outlet is less than 20w, the slave outlets will automatically power off. If the master outlet is on/off, the green power will be on/off automatically, reducing standby power consumption.

5. Always-on Outlet
This AU remote control power board is provided with an always-on outlet (un-switched outlet) to provide continuous power for connected devices.

6. Overload Protection
The electrical socket is typically designed with an overload circuit breaker which can guard the unit against damage at overload current of 10Amps.
7. USB Charger
Our Australian type remote control power board comes with a 2-port USB charger (DC 5V 2.5A or 3.1A).

Technical Parameters of AU Remote Control Power Board
Model CV-RC650-LEFTU
Electrical Rating 10A/240V/2400Watts
Nominal Voltage 240V, 50/60Hz
Re-settable Circuit Breaker 10A
Energy Dissipation 1050 J ~ 3850 J
MOV Clamping Voltage 775V
Maximum Spike Current 6,000A~18,000A
Surge Protection Response Time 1ns
Noise Filter (EMI/RFI) 150KHz~100MHz
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