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From now on, LET CHINAVAST power strip safeguard your computer and A/V components, and at the same time save you considerable money and energy. As a specialist electric socket manufacturer, CHINAVAST will help you make this come true easily. In addition, you need no concern about its usability in other countries in that we have made a wide assortment of power boards manufactured to Australian, European, British, US and other country standards. Thus, wherever you are, you can select CHINAVAST power sockets to power up your life and secure your everyday power needs. Our wide selection of electric power board including remote control power board, surge protector power board, master slave power strip, universal power board etc., have become extremely popular in home, office and more applications. Multifunction is another shining point of our extension sockets, TV, telephone, LAN and USB ports are provided for all kinds of purposes.

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Product Categories
    1. Australian Power Board
    2. Australian Power Board

      The housing of our Australian series power board is made from highly anti-flaming PC/ABS materials. This engineering material contains a wealth of oxygen isolated factors which will decompose rapidly when meeting open fire, thereby isolating oxygen and preventing combustion. In addition, such materials come with superior resistance to impact, pressure and moisture.

    1. European Power Strip
    2. European Power Strip

      Unique lightening protection circuit modules can guard the European power strip against the damage of surge caused by lightening or voltage change, making it away from many potential safety risks. The European power strip is completely manufactured from high quality and environment friendly materials.

    1. AU Surge Protector Power Board

      The AU surge protector power board offers 8 outlets, all filtered and surge protected to guard your valuable electric equipment against damage. This surge protector power strip also has a 2-port USB ...

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    1. 10 Way US Standard Remote Control Power Strip

      The master outlet controls the power on or off of the energy saver (green power) outlets. That is the energy saver outlets will turn on/off automatically according to master outlet's command ...

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    1. 10 Way US Standard Master/Slave Power Strip

      Two always-on outlets are designed for continuously providing power for your electrical equipment without using switch. Resettable overload circuit breaker can protect your expensive ...

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    1. 10 Way Surge Protector Power Board

      Our 10 way surge protector power board comes with an overload switch. When the current through the powerboard is over 15A, the switch will automatically close for protecting your ...

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    1. 6 Way Surge Protected Power Board

      This 6 outlet power strip can protect your valuable electric devices against harmful power fluctuations and secure your everyday power utilization. Our 6 way surge protected power board is perfect ...

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    1. Wall Mount Power Strip

      CHINAVAST offers a type of wall mount power strip which is designed with 2 outlets and 2 port USB charger (DC 5V 2.5A or 3.1A). This wall socket features compact and light weight design. Indicator light can indicates ...

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    1. 2 Way Surge Protector Power Board with 2.1A USB Charger

      The 2 way surge protector power board with 2.1A USB charger is manufactured by CHINAVAST with compact and lightweight structure. This 2 outlet power strip comes with 2 surge protected outlets and a 2.1 ...

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    1. 8 Way Surge Protector Power Board with 3.1A USB Charger

      Protect your home, office or professional electrical devices with the help of CHINAVAST 8 way surge protector power board with 3.1A USB charger. This 8 outlet power strip ...

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  • CHINAVAST is a large scale professional manufacturer of power sockets as well as intelligent and energy saving electrotechnical products. We possess full automatic and semi-automatic medium and large injection molding machine, whole set of modern production line and matched workshops. Profession and efficiency is our working principle. We continuously update and renew production equipment, perfect and optimize modern production process, making our production cycle and cost superior in the industry.